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The Imperial Pint Club (IPC)

Go Bigger. As a proud card carrying member of the Craft Beer Vault Imperial Pint Club, not only will you receive invitations to exclusive events and discounts on merchandise, you’ll be able to belly up to the bar and drink from the big glass: The Imperial Pint! (20 oz. beers for the same price as our regular 16 oz.)

Join the Imperial Pint Club and go bigger!

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Imperial Pint Club (IPC):

Become an Imperial Pint Club Member and get all the perks that come with it!

Hurry, memberships are LIMITED in quantity.

Individual Membership: $125 per year

Membership is per year and is paid annually by Sept. 1st

If you join in a different month than August, your membership will be pro-rated.

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What is an Imperial Pint?

An imperial pint is a unit of measurement equivalent to 20 fluid ounces, or 1.2 US pints (16 fluid ounces). This unit of measurement is part of the imperial system of measurement, which was once used in England and many of its colonies. Imperial measurements were standardized in 1824, before being refined several times and ultimately abandoned in favor of the metric system of measurement. For much of the world, the metric system is the established and familiar system of measurement, and the imperial pint is sometimes defined as a half liter for the sake of convenience, even though it is a bit more than a half liter in actuality.