About Us

A couple of longtime friends realized they each shared a similar love of quality beer and a life goal, to open and manage a fun neighborly space, a local pub or tap house. So they started the Craft Beer Vault in north Rocklin, CA. It was a combination of our West Coast lifestyle with a dash of traditional pub influences and a love for great quality local beers lead us to the development of the Craft Beer Vault. Quality and flavor is paramount as we strive to introduce you to beers that cater to not only a thirsty palate but to the active lifestyle we all enjoy.

At the Craft Beer Vault there’s a no fuss laid back atmosphere in a taphouse that serves 16 oz. pints (and 20 oz. pints if you are in the Imperial Pint Club), it makes this place special. We offer a friendly, local atmosphere where you can catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and enjoy local craft beer. Coming to the Vault, you feel like a afternoon gathering with good friends.

Come join us in Rocklin, CA where we will host live music, brewery events, trivia, game nights, and anything else we can think up to have fun, educate, and explore the world of craft beer together.

There will are several TVs for watching sports and NFL ticket for those looking for their favorite teams.

(21+) are welcome.

We serve pints, and proper pints at Craft Beer Vault

If you have a passion for high quality artisan local craft beer, or you are new to the craft beer scene, then the Craft Beer Vault will soon become your go to local watering hole. Come throw back a few pints with us and like minded beer enthusiasts.

Stop by for a pint or two for a night out; or swing by on your way home from work and enjoy our happy hour specials.

See you soon.